Top 5 Managed It Services And Computer Support

A lot of companies today outsource their IT services and computer support to Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs). Reduced operational costs, better IT system performance, and scalability are just some of the benefits that businesses want to gain by hiring an MSP.

But the upward trend of MSP opened a surging door for several IT experts creating their own MSP companies. With the plethora of MSPs you can find in the entire world today, which one should you trust the most?

It doesnt matter whether you are a start-up business with minimal IT know-how or an established company seeking more efficient IT operations. You need a quality MSP that understands your needs and provides you with scaled services in relation to your business.

Now, heres a list of 5 of the top managed IT services and computer support providers that offer truly top-notch service for any type of company.

PCM IT Solutions and Services

PCM is a company that views its customers as technology partners. They specialize in implementing various IT systems and integrating technological hardware and software products from partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Lenovo. PCM can also handle data center needs, networking, mobility, and cloud-based IT solutions.

Sirius Computer Solutions

Sirius Computer Solutions is a leading MSP company providing IT solutions for over 5,000 active business clients. Their IT services range from data center services to cybersecurity solutions. Social media management, cloud computing, and data networking are also their forte. They even offer enterprise blockchain solutions for modern businesses.

Carousel Industries

Carousel Industries has been in the industry since 1992. The MSP provides integrated business solutions such as unified communications and collaboration, networking, security, cloud-based programs, and data centers. They also have high-quality incident and problem management strategies where they promise to restore bogged-down systems with minimal negative impact on business operations. Their services have been trusted by more than 6,000 clients from startups, small businesses, and huge companies.

Softchoice Corporation

Softchoice is a long-time MSP that has been in the market since 1989. They are made up of skilled IT experts and account managers, servicing over 6,000 clients and partnering with more than 2,500 technology partners like Amazon Web Services and VMWare. Softchoice Corporation helps businesses through its solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Hybrid IT, eCommerce solutions, and enterprise lifecycle management.


masterIT is an MSP specializing in technology-as-a-service solutions. They offer services such as IT-as-a-utility, email management, disaster recovery strategy, vulnerability assessment and firewall management, and PC networking, infrastructure design and installation. The MSP can also collaborate with a businesss internal IT department for support services and problem escalation.

Wrapping It Up

The top 5 managed IT services and computer support providers include PCM, Sirius, Carousel, Softchoice, and masterIT. These MSPs have been consistently providing their business clients with quality services in the fields of cybersecurity, infrastructure management, customer support, and solutions implementation. All of them have proven track records, are serving thousands of satisfied clients, and can truly tailor their services to fit your existing business needs.