The Dvd Ripping Software

If you are finding a suitable and reliable DVD ripper to help you copy the DVD contents, they may be quite lots of solution to choose from. There are many popular rippers available such as WinX, DVDFab, Aimersoft, Leawo, Xilisoft, WonderFox DVD rippers in the market. Each of the rippers has their own pros and cons so deciding which dvd ripper is the best is not an easy task.

Above video show the top freeware and shareware DVD rippers for PC and Mac. But in this article we will concentrate on Aimersoft DVD Ripper.

The Aimersoft DVD Ripper is one of the popular options. There is one good reason for me thinking that the Aimersoft DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripper on the go. I figured I would just jump into this topic with the explanation on why I like this program so much.

It is simple. Its the speed at which it converts DVDs to whatever you want. Some people might say a ripper is a ripper is a ripper but they would be wrong. Some rippers are better than others. This is a conversation that Ive had many times over the years about what makes one ripper better than another.

My ripping needs are fairly simple so anything that did the job so that I had a good output was good in my books.
But that was then. This is now. Technology has changed incredibly. In the old days, you ripped a DVD to a DVD. For some people (like me) it took some time to figure out that ripping and copying are not the same.

Let me explain. Copying is just that you make a copy of the data that is on a DVD. Ripping is more complicated. Movie DVDs are encoded so that the audio and video components work together properly.

Think about movies that go wrong and the audio is out of sync with the video or runs too slow or too fast. Or even worse, the audio doesnt run at all. The coding is all wrapped in a digital container that measures the frame rate, the bit rate, the size of the video, and the type of video.

If any parts of these components are not properly decoded, the resulting output will be worse than useless because not only does it not work but it wasted your time.

When you talk about mp4, avi, vob, or any of the other types of video files, you are really talking about the different formats of video that are available. If you want to rip a video from a DVD so that you can use it on your iPhone or Blackberry, you need to be able to encode and decode the files.

Simply stated, a good DVD ripper is one that can transfer the packaged audio and video files from one format to another without losing any of the quality. While many different DVD rippers can do the job adequately, Aimersoft DVD Ripper offers state of the art technology that allows it to rip DVDs at six times the speed of any other ripper on the market.

To conclude, this is a very clean and clear program to use. The whole process is simple and foolproof. I find that the process of using a DVD ripper is a lot easier than it was even a few years ago.
The Aimersoft DVD Ripper has top notch quality components and the interface is unbelievably easy. The latest Windows 10 OS was supported as well as the Mac OS. No fuss, no muss, no bother. And for $39.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee, you cannot go wrong. The software is 100% clean from viruses.