Discover All The Great Features Of Windows 8 Now

Upon installing Windows 8, you will surely be discovering a lot of advantages from it. One of these advantages is that it is a lot faster to boot. Especially if you will be using a PC or tablet with a compatible touch screen, Windows 8 will allow you of making use of this device in a rather succinct way. Despite the fact that this is not as popular as compared to older Windows, this is still a lot perfect because of its faster boot time, lighter resource usage and Windows Store. These are all perfect to be used on tablets and touch screen PCs.

The Great Features of Windows 8
There are simply the best features that Windows 8 will offer you with. These features are all exciting and intriguing along with the unique user interface called as Metro. Below are the great features of Windows 8 that you must know:
1.) Speedy Boot Time
The boot up and load speed has also improved as compared to the Windows predecessors. This is mainly because of the resource allocations to the system and applications. It has achieved a speedier as Windows 8 employs the so-called hibernating of the system called kerne. When you have shut it down, it feels like it is just a partial hibernation. When the system is reboot, your previous session and its memory will be reinitialized a lot quicker.
2.) Improved Search Function
Despite the fact that Windows 8 has no search box below the Start Menu, it does not necessarily mean that searching is difficult for your part. You are only required of typing almost anything. And then, a search box will be seen from the right side. This will now give you the required results.
3.) Windows to Go
This is simply the best feature that provides you with the ease and convenience. This will allow users of making a copy of their OS complete along with the files, apps, wallpapers and settings into the so-called USB thumb drive. Just plug it right through the computer. And, you will be able to boot up your personal computer and it will look like the OS.
4.) Windows Live Syncing
This is one of the features of Windows 8 that allows users of logging in on any PC that has its Live ID. The good thing is that the desktop will simply look just the same. This is also every time that a user is logging on a pc using their live account. Even migrating to another personal computer is a lot easier for a user when all settings are synced.
5.) Dynamic & Innovative Desktop
Right after logging in to Windows 8, you will be seeing the Metro UI or tiles-based interface. When you quickly glance at it, the UI is going intuitively with the touchscreen devices such as Smartphones and tablets. You will be able to tap all those apps and open them at the same time. With its grid layout, these interactions are best facilitated. You may also customize the grid by means of arranging and adding applications.

Windows 8 is truly considered as the next best revolution in the OS technology. This is another version of Windows with its new-style interface that can be used with touch screens. With its list of advantages to offer, you will be on the edge of it. Users will love it having and using this most updated software. Windows 8 features are nice and are a lot better as compared to the older Windows versions.